President of Hospital doctors Pagoni says schools and stores should open on Monday

She said the traffic curfew on the weekend was wrong

Speaking to OPEN TV Monday, the President of the Hospital Doctors, and member of the Covid-19 experts’ committee, Matina Pagoni stressed that “next Friday, the committee should offer recommendations to the government. They should suggest starting opening schools and shops, the way they have said. “We did not say to open stores and let everyone in.”

Pagoni noted that “it does not make sense to continue like this. Isn’t it more logical to open the restaurant, a patisserie with outdoor areas, with masks and distances, than allowing people to sit on the benches next to each other? In order for the measures to be observed “. It should be noted that Dr. George Pavlakis, for his part, argues in favour of a strict lockdown in March, to bring the epidemic under control.

The traffic ban from 18.00 on weekends is wrong

The President of the Doctors pointed out that such a decision should be taken only if the epidemiological picture allows it. “If the parameters are too high, no one will be able to take such responsibility. But there is already stability, and now there will be a reduction. ”

According to Matina Pagoni, the measure for the traffic ban after 6, “especially for Saturday was wrong. It had to be until 21:00 or 22:00 for the supermarkets so that there are no queues and people move more comfortably “.

Immediately after, she spoke about the two masks, pointing out that there is confusion in the world: “We wear two masks where there is a crowd. In hospitals, buses, subways, and supermarkets. When you walk on Mesogion avenue you do not wear two masks. And when we say two masks we mean surgery mask on top of a cloth one which we wash and iron every day “.

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