Refugee/illegal immigrant flows rise over past week

Between May 20-26, 889 people arrived in Greece

The flow of refugees and illegal immigrants to Greece has increased by 32.5% over the past week.

In particular, between May 20-26, 889 people arrived in Greece.

Yesterday, an EU Frontex boat rescued 60 people of the coast of Symi and transported them to the Detention Centre in Vathy, Samos.

Currently, there are 6,622 hosted on facilities on the island of Lesvos, 3,756 in Samos, Chios has 2,042, while the number has also risen in Leros to 1,245 people, as well as Kos, which has 1,929 illegal immigrants and refugees.
The increase in the number of refugees and illegal immigrants staying in Kos has raised concerned among the local community, mainly due to the tourist season that has already begun.

The reception system in Greece has been stretched to its limits, as according to reports more than 75,000 refugees and illegal immigrants are in the country.