Russian Mig-31 intercepts US spy plane (video)

The incident occurred over the Pacific Ocean

A Russian MiG-31 fighter jet intercepted a US RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft over the Pacific Ocean, according to a statement from Russia’s National Defence Center on Saturday.

“In order to determine the air target and to prevent the violation of the borders of the Russian state, a MiG-31 fighter scrambled from the air defence forces of the Eastern Military District. The crew of the Russian fighter jet recognised that it was an RC-135 aircraft of the US Air Force and escorted it over the Pacific Ocean,” the center said in a statement.



It should be noted that after escorting the foreign military aircraft from the state border of the Far East, the Russian fighter returned safely to its airbase.

“Its flight took place under strict international regulations for the use of airspace. Violations of state borders were avoided,” the statement continued.

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