Salmon on cocaine (?) try to escape fish farm!

Their erratic behaviour was noticed when scientists were overseeing a species conservation project

Salmon frantically jumping around on a fish farm in Germany may have been on cocaine, according to a report released by German environmental officials.

Officials from the State Environmental Agency of North Rhine-Westphalia (also known as Lanuv) noticed the strange and erratic behavior from the Atlantic Salmon in June of 2020 while overseeing a species conservation project.

“The salmon panicked and attempted to jump out of the water,” Daniel Fey, head of the Ecology and Aquaculture department, told Der Spiegel Magazine, adding that the behavior is indicative of contaminated water. “It was a response to a feeling of discomfort.”

In a section of its recently released annual report titled “Salmon on Coke,” the Lanuv outlines the steps it took to figure out the salmon’s puzzling behavior.