Sex not needed for reproduction in 30 years

Parents will choose everything about their babies

According to a Stanford university professor sex in the future will be practiced only for pleasure and not for reproduction purposes. Henley Greely a professor in genetics published a book titled ‘The end of sex and the future of human reproduction’, where he posits that within the next 20-40 years most people will stop sexual intercourse to procreate. In his book he argues that future parents will visit labs and scientists will design and ‘create’ their desired embryos. Speaking to newspaper ‘Sunday Times’, Greely said that when a couple want a baby the man will provide his sperm and the woman a scratch of her skin. He explained that the stem cells from the skin will then be turned into ovaries and be inseminated by the donor sperm. He also claims that the babies of the next generations will be extremely intelligent, beautiful and healthy, as the parents will have the option of choosing all their character traits.