Shocking! Couple romp and pee on plane floor

The incident reportedly happened on a flight from Dublin to Turkey

A plane passenger boasted “god gave me a d*** to use it” after performing a sex act with a woman in the aisle and peeing on the floor, reports claim.

The “aggressive” couple allegedly romped in front of kids after being stopped from going into the toilet together on a flight from Dublin to Turkey.

Shocked families claim they saw the woman “straddling” the man while “looking directly at all the passengers” in front of her last Saturday.

Others told Dublin Live the man peed out of the toilet doors, leaving a trail down the aisle.

One mum, who was travelling with a child, is said to have asked the man to stop.

But according to one passenger, he replied: “God gave me a d*** to use it.”

Another witness said: “There was one woman who was in front of him. Her three young kids moved to the stewards’ seats and the curtains were pulled.