Shocking video reportedly shows Turkish coast guard facilitating migrant vessel into Greek waters – One child drowned in incident

The videos shows a man puncturing the inflatable boat once it is close to Greek waters

As the numbers of refugees and illegal migrants gathering on the Greek-Turkish land borders continue to swell, following Turkey’s decision to open their path towards Europe, a video reportedly shows a Turkish patrol boat escorting a boat full of migrants approaching the island of Lesvos trying to enter Greek waters.

A child died and 47 migrants were rescued after their boat capsized off the Greek island of Lesvos.

At least 1,000 migrants have reached Greece’s Eastern Aegean islands since Sunday morning, a police official told Reuters.

The footage of the incident, released by the Hellenic Coast Guard which took place on Monday morning, shows the Turkish patrol boat sailing near the migrant boat monitoring the moves of the Greek coast guard which is trying to prevent the boat from crossing into Greek waters.

The boat with the aliens does not appear to have any problems, moving instead at a high speed while manoeuvring. At some point it attempts to ram into the Greek Coast Guard vessel.

According to reports, earlier the Turkish patrol vessel accompanied the boat with 48 migrants which set off from the Turkish coast and reached the Greek territorial waters.

As the Hellenic coast guard approached the boat with the migrants, one of the 48 men on board the small inflatable vessel reportedly punched a hole in the boat which resulted in the vessel capsizing and all people falling into the waters. The blatant move was done right in front of the Turkish coast guard with the clear intent of compelling the Greek boat to rescue the people in the sea and take them to Lesvos, as international law provides.

The incident at around 8:30 in the offshore area of Lesvos Airport illustrates that the Turkish side is willing to sacrifice the lives of children to present Greece in a bad light.