Snow covers Greece, as “Sophia” eases off

Many roads in villages blocked due to frost and snowfall

Severe frost was recorded early Saturday in the central and northern parts of Greece. In many cases, the thermometer showed below -10C.
Many roads remain closed across regions in Greece, with villages blocked due to dense snowfall, while problems in the power grid have been reported in some areas.
Temperatures have dropped below zero in several regions of Greece.

The bad weather is expected to continue with intense snowfall, especially in the east and north, even in areas with very low altitude, with strong winds in the North Aegean and low temperatures recorded. The phenomena, however, gradually, starting from the north will weaken and later on gradually completely dissipate in mainland Greece.

According to the meteo stations of the National Observatory of Athens, the lowest temperatures were recorded in Variko (Florina region) -12.5C, in Vovousa (Ioannina region) -11.7C, in the city of Grevena -11.5C, in Aghia Kyriaki (Ioannina region) 11.2C, in the city of Ioannina -10.9C, in Plikati (Ioannina region) -10.7C and in Mesovouno and Vlasti (Kozani region) 10.6C and 10.5C respectively.