Spiegel: We might as well pay for Distomo reparations and render Tsipras' arguments invalid

It is morally and politically correct to do so, says the report

German media is increasingly focusing on the resurgent issue of WWII reparations to Greece and the open issue of a forced wartime ‘loan’ taken by occupation forces that Athens now wants back, plus interest!

Der Spiegel, on its website, appears to clearly favor the payment of reparations to the Greek state, claiming that this is both morally and politically the right thing to do.

Furthermore, the article states that by doing so, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras and his radical leftist government will lose whatever excuse for the current dire financial situation in Greece, while at the same time emphasizing that Germany can afford to pay 28 million euros for reparations related to the specific war crime in the central Greece village of Distomos.