Strauss-Kahn: I had spoken with Papandreou in 2009 about a memorandum

Revelations in a French TV telecast

A leading role in the “A Novel of the Euro”, a broadcast by France2 TV station which aired ahead of the EU elections, was played by former managing IMF director Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Having conceded that some mistakes were made in the case of Greece, he stated that “We had to tighten the screw. But this was not enough.  We imposed on Greeks an untenable policy which still had tremendous consequences for the country”.

At the same time, he revealed a dialogue he had with former Greek PM George Papandreou in 2009, who had predicted that it would be necessary for an aid project of the IMF when he found out that the deficit reached 12.5% of GDP.

“Dominique, as I see things, we need a plan for assistance from the IMF”, allegedly stated Papandreou.

“Certainly”, replied the once powerful French man and added: “But there is one more ‘person’, the EU. You should therefore talk with your fellow Europeans to be sure that they agree that the IMF deals with Greece”.