Student funded University by having sex with “sugar daddies”

The way sugar daddy dating has been glamorised is problematic, she now says, warning other young ladies

At first, it seemed like a bit of fun – dating sugar daddies to help pay off some university debt. A short-term fix.

But at the age of 19 Jessica Hyer soon became reliant on the money she earned having sex with older men. Now 24, she has a strong warning for other teenagers and women who might fall into the same trap.

She said: ‘The way sugar daddy dating has been glamorised is problematic. There are vulnerable girls and there are under-age girls who lie about their age on those websites. ‘Don’t get me wrong, there are some girls who love it and have successful relationships with men on there. All the power to those. ‘But the ones who need support, and have had awful experiences like myself, that’s what is important to me.