SYRIZA leads over New Democracy, according to new polls

The main opposition party leads by 3.8 points, as Alco’s poll shows

Main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) leads over coalition government party New Democracy (ND), as two new polls conducted revealed.

According to the poll conducted by Alco for Proto Thema newspaper, SYRIZA leads with 26%, followed by ND with 22.2%, PASOK with 4.3%, Independent Greeks with 3.1%, Golden Dawn with 6.2%, Democratic Left (DIMAR) with 1.7%, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) with 4.4%, Potami with 4.3%, LAOS with 1.1% and Ecologists-Greens with 1%.

The second poll was conducted by MRB for Real News newspaper and showed SYRIZA leading by 23.6% over ND with 19.9%

According to MRB, Elia party received 4.2%, Independent Greeks 3.2%, Golden Dawn 6.7%, DIMAR 1%, KKE 5.1% and Potami 5.6%.