Teleworking in Greece extended until December 31st

The new extension does not affect the current employee-employer relationship

Teleworking for businesses able to implement distance working due to Covid-19 has been extended until December 31st, Greek authorities have decided.

The relevant extension was issued by a Joint Ministerial Decision (JMC) which was posted on “Diavgeia” online.

The decision refers to the obligation by businesses to apply extraordinary and temporary measures regarding the organisation of the place and time of work throughout the country.

More specifically, as the decision stresses, for extra-ordinary reasons for the protection of public health against coronavirus COVID-19, the following rules regarding the organisation of place and time of work are extended until 31 December 2020:

1.a) Employers-companies, located or having a branch in any regional unit of the country, are obliged by 31 December 2020 to apply the system of remote work provision to their employees – in which cases such work can be provided under the system – at a rate of 50% of the total number of these employees.

b) For the correct observance, they must announce, before the start of the work, to the Information System “ERGANI” of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs the remote work of 50% of their employees, for whom this measure can be applied, in compliance with pertinent state regulations.

The extension does not alter the current working relationship between employers and employees, as the order states.

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