The Greek Ministries with the most and least vaccinated staff

The Ministry of Health staff have the highest rate of vaccinated

According to the data of the Ministry of Interior, 76% of the employees in the public sector are fully vaccinated, while 24% remain unvaccinated, at a time when in the general population 6 out of 10 citizens have completed the vaccination cycle.

The data revealed the large disparity between the employees in the various ministries, as the most vaccinated were staff in the Health Ministry at 87%, while the least vaccinated were the employees at the Foreign Affairs Ministry (52%).

Out of the total of 2,155 employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1,047 remain unvaccinated. Of course, the health and administrative staff of the hospitals is subject to the mandatory measure, while several of the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs working in foreign services were not able to be vaccinated in the countries hosting them.

Employees of the Ministry of National Defence (65%) also show low coverage rates, with 31,265 remaining unvaccinated, those of the Ministry of Civil Protection (68%) and the Ministry of Shipping (68%).

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