The “Iron Men” of the Royal Navy in action! (video)

A glimpse of the future

The British Royal Navy has released a video of soldiers testing jetpacks!

You read that right!

With a flight time of eight minutes, this suit briefly transforms the soldier who wears it into a real rocket man.

The soldiers, thanks to the five mini jet engines with a total horsepower of 1.000 hp can fly at a maximum speed of 88,5 km/h.

As seen in the video on Twitter, a man in a uniform takes off from a boat and lands successfully on an adjacent warship, then returns to his starting point.

Following in the video, men with jetpacks appear to be approaching and hovering around a speedboat in the middle of the sea.

According to the US Naval Institute, which uploaded the video on social media, the tests were performed to determine if “Iron Man costumes” are a viable option for use in naval raids.

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For its part, the US Special Operations Command is testing a jetpacks that could potentially “reach speeds of more than 200 mph”, that is about 320 km/h!