These are the 10 Greek Cars of the Year 2021

The next stage of voting will produce the best car

The first stage of the voting of the electors for the Greek “CAR OF THE YEAR” was completed, in which the 30 new cars that were launched in our country in 2020 participated.

These cars are new models and not renewed or new versions of some existing models. Also, all of them have been tested by the authors of the No. 1 automotive media of our country,, and Greece’s top car magazine “CAR”.

This phase decided the final group of 10 candidates, which will be put to a new vote, before, finally, the winner of the Greek “CAR OF THE YEAR” emerges.

The 10 cars are *:

Audi A3 Sportback
Ford Puma
Hyundai i20
Land Rover Defender
Mercedes GLA
Peugeot 2008
Renault Captur
Skoda Octavia
Toyota Yaris
Volkswagen ID.3
* in alphabetical order

The Greek public also takes part in the voting process in determining the Greek “CAR OF THE YEAR”, as it is invited to vote for the models it prefers among 11 different categories.

All participants in the voting after the draw will claim one of the big prizes of the institution (see them here). The grand winner will receive the electric car of their choice for 1 year!