This is how couples who’ve been together their whole lives help love thrive

Take notes, please

Life experience can tell us a lot about one of the deepest and most vivid emotions: love. Though it might seem hard to keep it going throughout the years, it’s still possible if you keep in mind some simple rules. And the couples who’ve been together for decades and followed them simply proved to everyone that it’s real.

Bright Side carefully noted this precious advice from couples who’ve been together for a lifetime and we’re ready to pass it down to our readers. Time to learn something new!

Always be a team

You have to work together whether a situation is good or bad. This also means that your viewpoint needs to change — you need to see everything as a couple, not as individuals.

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Keep having fun

Sharing a good laugh helps you get through life’s tough situations and keeps the relationship strong. Keep finding reasons to have fun but don’t make offensive jokes about each other.

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