Tsipras: “In 2021 we will be out of memoranda”

“We want an independent but not an out-of-control justice,” he told in his interview at Alpha Channel


Gradually, interest rates will be reduced and in one year from now we will be able to abandon the memoranda, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in an interview with Alpha’s main news bulletin.

“Obviously we will not see the changes immediately, but the recovery will gradually become new jobs,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister accused the opposition of “gambling by betting in ‘black’, but fortunately for the country ‘black’ in not coming our way, other colors come instead”.

“We did not bankrupt our country, we received it in a state of bankruptcy”, said mr. Tsipras, claiming that “today, after two years with SYRIZA on the power, all indicators are improving”.

“It is a breakthrough what happened yesterday and it gives us the chance to plan for tomorrow,” he added.

“First we see if our creditors implement their commitments and Greece is leaving the program and then we will also implement our commitments,” said Alexis Tsipras, bringing back an earlier position that if the creditors do not reduce the debt, then the government will not implement the measures that have already been voted by the Greek Parliament.

“In 2020, as I mentioned, a series of targeted relief measures will be implemented at the same time with the reduction of the tax-free limit: a reduction of corporate tax, reduction of solidarity contribution” said Mr. Tsipras.

“If we wanted serious predictions, we would not ask Mrs. Velculescu’s opinion, because their predictions have been proven wrong seven times until now” he said.

Asked if his choice of mr. Varoufakis was wrong, the Prime Minister avoided answering straight away, but said “History has recorded it”.