Turkey suspends seismic surveys: “Let’s wait for a while”, says Erdogan’s spokesman

The suspension of the seismic surveys will last at least a month

According to the representative of the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, the seismic surveys will be halted.

Ibrahim Kalin announced the suspension of seismic surveys in the “controversial areas” of the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

“Everyone should continue to work on their own continental shelf, while joint research should be done on the disputed areas. Let us be constructive. We can wait for a while”, he told CNN Turk.

He continued: “Greece is an important neighbor. Let us resolve the bilateral issues. EU membership should not be used as a pressure element”.

As Daily Sabah reported, Kalin told CNNTurk: “President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: ‘Let us take a constructive approach and stop the surveys for a while'”. In fact, it was reported that the suspension of the seismic surveys will last at least a month.

Kalin also said that the creative intervention of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, led to these developments.

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