Turkey violates Greek airspace 45 times – Greek and Turkish F-16s engage in dog fights

The 33 violations were committed by Turkish spy planes

The Turkish Air Force carried out a barrage of violations of Greek national airspace on Monday, as 14 Turkish aircraft (ten F-16s, two spy CN 235 planes and two unmanned UAVs) entered the Aegean Sea illegally, committing a total of 45 airspace violations.

On two occasions, the violations turned into dog fights with Greek aircraft which were scrambled to intercept the aggressors.

The 33 violations were committed by Turkish spy planes.

Two of the Turkish F-16s were armed, while Turkish aircraft infringed the Athens FIR on eight occasions.

According to the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, the violations occurred in the Northeast, Central, and Southeast Aegean, with the invading Turkish aircraft being identified and intercepted, in accordance with international standards.

Earlier on Monday, two Turkish drones flew over the island of Rho at 20,000 feet at 15:12 pm.