Turkish F16 fighters carry out 13 overflights above Greek islands including Lesvos and Patmos

Turkey continues escalating provocations against Greece

A pair of Turkish F-16 fighter jets carried out thirteen overflights on Thursday afternoon, continuing Turkey’s provocative stance towards Greece.

In particular, there was an overflight at 13:59 over the isle of Arkoi at 24,000 feet, at 14:04 and at 14:07 over Lipsi at 17,000-18,000 and 15,000 feet respectively, at 14:10 over Patmos at 25,000. feet and at 14:11 over Lipsi again at 26,000 feet.

The pair then split up and flew over Lipsi at 14:12 and over Arkoi at 25,000 feet. At 14:15 the Turkish aircraft flew over Lipsi at 24,000 feet and at 14:19 and over Agathonisi at 6,000 feet.

At 14:35 the same pair made an overflight above Oinousses at 25,000 feet, at 14:36 over eastern Chios at 25,000 feet, at 14:37 over Panagia Island also at 25,000 feet and at 14:43 over Lesvos at 29,000 feet.

A new pair of Turkish  F16 jets a while later, from 15:06 to 15:14, flew over Lesvos from 30,000 to 19,000 feet.

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