U.S State Dept. spokeswoman learns about the bouzouki on Athens rooftop (video)

Morgan Ortagus had a mini interview with a part-time bouzouki player

The official visit of the U.S Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo to Greece was seen as a great success on the part of the Greek government in advancing its interests, strengthening its bilateral ties and presenting its case for more investments.

Apart from the obvious positive results as reflected by the top American diplomat’s clear support for Greece and Cyprus vis a vis the belligerent stance by Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean, the overall warm climate between the U.S delegation and its Greek hosts was more than evident.

A testament to the overall positive vibe between the two partners was a video posted on social media by the State Department’s spokesperson, Morgan Ortagus showing a Greek employee at the U.S Embassy explaining to his American colleagues about the famous Greek musical instrument called the bouzouki.

Ortagus spoke with Vassilios, a driver at the U.S Embassy and a part-time bouzouki player on a rooftop with the Acropolis as the backdrop. She was fascinated by the instrument and its prevalence throughout the country.

“We’re incredibly proud of our colleague Vasilisis for sharing a bit of Greek culture, the magic of #bouzouki, with our @statedeptspox with inspiration from the #Acropolis in the cradle of democracy.”, the official U.S Embassy Instagram account wrote.