UPDATE: Uncontrolled fire in Evia – Over 150 houses burned – People evacuated by boats (videos)

The situation is extremely difficult

UPDATE: The flames covered the road from the Lake to Rovies, and as a result the Police stopped all traffic so as not for human lives to be endanger.

It is noted that the whole village was evacuated while the people were evacuated by ferry boat. More specifically, 85 people were removed from five vessels of the Coast Guard and private vessels.

Then they boarded the ferry “Paralos”, with final destination the port of Edipsos.

According to information, the monastery of Saint David is burning at this time, while all the monks have been rescued.


At least 150 houses have been burnt so far in the municipality of Mantoudi in Evia, the deputy mayor for civil protection Argyris Liaskos told SKAI 100.3, while calling for more aerial means, as the fire continues to be uncontrolled.

“The situation is very difficult. The fire is out of control”, said for his part on Wednesday morning the mayor of Mantoudi, George Tsapourniotis, about the big fire that has been raging since yesterday in the wider area of ​​Lake Evia.

According to the mayor, there are currently two major fronts.

One moves towards the village of Kalamoudi and the other towards the villages of Kourkouli and Skepasti.

95 firefighters with 35 vehicles are taking part in the firefighting operation, while two aircraft and a helicopter are operating from the air.

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“The fronts are huge. It can not be controlled by the forces that are there”, he stressed, speaking to Mega.

“More than 20,000 acres were burned. The fire covered a distance of kilometers within 25 minutes. It has a huge length and width”, said the mayor.