USA: A man was found in the mouth of a whale and survived

“That was it, I’m dying”

An unbelievable incident happened on Friday in the USA, with a diver and a whale.

Michael Packard, who has been a lobster fisherman for 40 years, had dived at Cape Cod in Provincetown, Massachusetts and as soon as he fell into the water, he felt “a huge blow and everything went dark” as he describes it.

At first he believed that he was attacked by a shark, however, as he said “I realized that it has no teeth at all and I realized that I am in the mouth of a whale trying to swallow me. That was it, I’m dying”.

The 56-year-old only thought of his wife and two boys, aged 12 and 15, during the 30-40 seconds in the whale’s mouth, before it spat him out, leaving him with only one displaced knee.

“Suddenly, it went up to the surface of the sea and started shaking its head. It just threw me in the air and I found myself in the water. I was free and floating. I could not believe it”, described Michael Packard.

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