Watch Stefanos Tsitsipas’s mom make tzatziki live on Eurosport (video)

The Greek champion talked about everything

In an hour-long live Instagram Live on Eurosport’s show “At Home With Babsi”, Greek tennis champion Stefanos Tsitsipas talked about his current situation, his hero, his future ambition and what his favourite tournament on tour is. During the laid back talk the hostess of the show, former Austrian tennis player Barbara Schett asked Stefanos to whip up  some tzatziki, at which point his mother took over and started making one.

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How tough is it to get motivated when the season might not get underway for months?
I have my team with me which is important to me so I don’t lose my schedule. I am trying to stay creative and do other activities besides tennis or fitness with the space we have here [at home in the south of France].

I honestly don’t think about the future. I practice every day, of course I don’t put 100% in but at the same time I’m planning on gradually getting better. It’s important to understand what things have been working for you in the last couple of months and what other things you can improve and get better at. It’s a process, it’s tricky – you have so much time in front of you and you don’t know when things are going to get back to normal. Right now, I am taking it easy, I’m not pushing myself to the limit and I’m not resting and doing nothing. There is a good contrast in between the two.

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