House of Shadows – Xanthi

An unusual little museum in Xanthi where trash + shadows = art

Artist Triandafyllos Vaitsis’ museum, “The House of Shadow”, is located in Xanthi, a city in northeastern Greece, and is truly an unusual museum in a place where you wouldn’t expect to find it. The display consists of sculptures made of rubbish that come to life with suitable lighting becoming different creations according to the optical viewpoint of the visitor. It overturns all assumptions.

“What we see is always less than what we are looking at,” says Mr. Vaitsis and proves this through his detailed display that take shape, size, color, texture, sound, lighting and all other elements into account, thus giving rise to works of art that literally pop out of garbage. Sometimes the work of art is actually the shadow of the sculpture rather than the sculpture itself.


And here’s the creation process –

How to square the circle –

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The story of Romeo and Juliet in trash –

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