What is the story behind the “COVID19” license plate on an abandoned BMW?

Someone had the insight to “baptize” his very expensive German limousine with the name of the deadly virus

An abandoned for months BMW limousine with “COVID19” license plates has been an enigma for those in charge of parking spaces at Adelaide Airport .

The car has been parked at the same place since at least last February, i.e. before the coronavirus code name spread around the world.

The details of the car and its owner are confused and the airport authorities are conducting an investigation, especially since the cover with which the BMW was covered was swept away by a strong wind revealing the mysterious sign.

It is not clear who had this…”prophetic” inspiration to choose the specific number, on a custom license plate.

It should be reminded that the name COVID-19 officially made its “international debut” on February 11, 2020.

A month later, the World Health Organization attributed the designation “pandemic” to the spread of the new coronavirus.

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However, someone unknown until now, had the insight to “baptize” his very expensive German limousine with the name of the deadly virus.

It is alleged that the owner of the BMW should have registered the car with the specific license plate around September 2019, when the coronavirus had not appeared even in Wuhan, China.

The most probable version of the solution to the mystery, according to the workers in the parking lot of the airport in Adelaide, is that the owner of the BMW is probably a pilot of an intercontinental flight, who was left stranded somewhere far away from Australia as a result of the…COVID-19 lockdown.