Woman drives car into police officer, as protesters in US defy curfew (videos)

People in New York, Washington and Minneapolis continued to march

Protesters across the US defied the curfews imposed and took to the streets again, as 1,600 US soldiers were approaching Washington D.C.

People in New York, Washington and Minneapolis continued to march and protest following the murder of George Floyd by a police officer, which resulted in nationwide protest and looting.

Meanwhile, a Buffalo woman is facing felony charges after she drove a car through a group of police officers, injuring three of them.

Deyanna Davis, 31, was arrested Tuesday by New York State Police after she was released from the hospital, NYSP said in a statement.

Davis faces five felony charges, including aggravated assault upon a police officer and 2nd degree criminal possession of a weapon.

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Of the three officers injured, two are NYSP officers and one is with the Buffalo Police Department.

Buffalo Mayor Bryan Brown announced Tuesday that the Buffalo police officer who was struck by the car is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

In another incident, a man was shot and killed by police officers in Brooklyn, New York when he started firing against others.

So far several people have been killed in the chaos.

The protests turned into violent riots and looting, prompting President Donald Trump to urged state officials to call for Federal help to restore law and order.