10 pets that actually ate their owners! (video)

Maybe this will make you reconsider that Pitbull for the kids….

“Dog is a man’s best friend” is one of the most common phrases used to describe the close relationship between pet owners and their loyal animal friends. It is true that many people often develop a tight companionship with their beloved pets, be they dogs, cats, or any other species from the animal kingdom. But as discomforting as it may sound for some of the passionate animal lovers outb there, even the closest ties between a pet owner and their companion are not strong enough to deter their “best friend” from returning to their instincts and devouring -yes, that’s right, eating- their loved master! As gruesomer and unnerving as it may seem, there have been instances where owners were actually eaten up by their pets! Here is a top 10 list of such frightening stories, ranging from a pack of dogs chewing up their master to a cat eating its female owner.