11 threatened Greek grapevine varieties to be saved

The varieties found in Greece exhibit excellent adaptation to the microenvironment

The research community’s efforts to save 11 Greek grapevine varieties threatened with extinction are a “powerful” commercial weapon in the hands of winemakers, said Professor Stamatis Angelopoulos, vice-rector of research of the International University of Greece and scientific director of the cross-border project “VineSOS-SOS”, according to ANA.

“The ‘alliance’ of winemakers and growers, coupled with the education provided by the scientific community of Greece, can lead to the creation and placing on the world market of wines of unique taste and aroma and thus of great commercial value internationally,” he added, underlining the significant benefits to the national economy.

He added that the varieties found in Greece “exhibit excellent adaptation to the microenvironment and, despite not being systematically cultivated and thus being threatened with decline or even extinction, exhibit a remarkable resilience.”

Source: tornos