30,000 Greek teen girls have abortions every year!

Total abortions reach 150,000 every year

With a declining birth rate in Greece of 1.34 per woman, according to 2012 World Bank data, the news that over 30,000 Greek teenage girls under 16 perform abortions every year, according to the Greek Society of Family Planning, is definitely discouraging news, . “Half teenage girls in Greece start their sex life before the age of 17, while there is data that shows that 73% teenagers between 14 and 16 have had some kind of sexual experience”, said Director of the 2nd Obstetrics of the Athens University Gynecology Clinic Medical School, Efthimios Deligeoroglou, during a press conference on occasion of the 6th Pan-Hellenic Gynecological Endocrinology Convention. Th data revealed that the total of abortions in Greece amounted to 150,000 annually. When it came to the methods of interruptions of teenage pregnancies, 40% used interrupted sexual intercourse, with the use of condoms as a contraceptive method being the second most popular technique. According to the figures, using a condom had an 18% failure rate if used improperly and a 2% failure possibility of ideally used. Less than half of the Greek teenagers that used a condom in their initial sexual encounters continued to use it a year later.