9 times Christmas lights went very, very wrong (HILARIOUS VIDEO-PHOTOS)

So, be careful…

One of the best things about Christmas is the decorating that goes into it.

Whether at home or out on the street, the bright lights are guaranteed to brighten even the most gloomy of settings.

Whether you want to turn your house into an explosion of light and colour or just want to add a bit of brightness to the neighbourhood, festive lights are a surefire way to get in the mood for Christmas.

However, it is Christmas – so something is bound to go wrong.

And when Christmas lights go wrong they tend to go very wrong.

For instance, take a look what happens when you put lights on palm trees.



Yeah. Awkward.

Actually, there are a lot of unfortunate lights resembling genitalia at this time of year.


It seems Santa knows a few ways to disgrace himself during this month.


When Santa’s not at it his reindeer are getting up to mischief.


Unfortunately, it has been known to end quite badly for them.


Not sure about you but portaloos don’t exactly scream “Merry Christmas” to us.


Then there was that time in Brighton where all of the lights seem to have something very, very wrong with them…

Source: indy100.com