A huge crowd expected to descend on Athens for Sunday’s protest against the Prespes Agreement

Organisers estimate 3,000 buses will arrive from northern Greece

The organisers of Sunday’s rally against the Prespes Agreement at Syntagma Square in Athens are expecting a larger crowd than the one on tube February 4 rally last year. As Michalis Patsikas, a member of the organising committee told THEMA radio 104,6 on Saturday, the organisers are estimating more than 3,000 buses to arrive from Northern Greece. “We estimate that 150,000-200,000 people will travel by coach”.

According to Mr Patsikas, besides Chris Spyros, the former Democratic US Congressman, and the monks of Mount Athos, efforts are being made to find a spot on the speaker’s platform for singer Aphrodite Manou.

Mr Patsikas made it clear that the goal of the rally to prevent the Prespes Agreement from going to parliament for debate.
He called on the participants in Sunday’s rally to protest against the concession of the name Macedonia in a peaceful manner.
Meanwhile, the Greek government submitted the Agreement to the parliament for discussion next week.