A natural hormone boosts erotic desire

It gives hope to people with problems conceiving a baby


According to British scientists kisspeptin, anatural hormone boosts the erotic desire, something that gives hope to people with psychological-based sexual issues.

The study involved a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in which 29 healthy heterosexual young men were given either an injection of kisspeptin or placebo. The researchers found that after the injection of kisspeptin, when the volunteers were shown sexual or romantic images of couples, there was enhanced activity in structures in the brain typically activated by sexual arousal and romance.
They are particularly interested in how kisspeptin might be able to help people with psychosexual disorders and related problems with conceiving a baby.

Dr Alexander Comninos, first author of the study from the Department of Medicine at Imperial, said “Our study shows that kisspeptin boosts sexual and romantic brain activity as well as decreasing negative mood”.