Acropolis to close at 2pm due to “heatwave”!

The strange thing is there is no heatwave

The archaeological sites at the Acropolis and the Dionysus Theatre in Athens will also shut down at 2 pm on Monday, after the Ministry of Culture decided it was too hot for the visitors, citing the current labour law.
The decision is at least strange bordering on absurd, given the fact that temperatures did not exceed the 36 degree Celsius mark, while no similar decision was made for the archaeological area in the Agora in central Athens where temperatures are generally higher.
The ministry has announced that “for the protection of visitors and workers, and in accordance with current labour legislation, the archaeological site of the Acropolis and the Dionysian Theatre will close for the public at 14:00”.

“Visitors who have already been issued an electronic ticket for these dates from the internet are kindly requested to go to the ticket offices to replace them with another one at a date of their choice”.

The employees at the ticket offices were probably surprised on Sunday by the decision, which was issued in accordance with the provisions of Law 3850/10, which states that in open spaces where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, workers are at risk of thermal stress, and therefore legally “can transfer their work”!

The decision also cites the wellbeing of tourists, stressing the dangers of faintings.

It should be noted that most archaeological sites in the world have found a way to remain open during all weather conditions, are a very basic duty on the part of any organised state.

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