Alexis Tpsiras’s mother worried for her son

Alexis is under too much pressure says his mom

Greek MP Alexis Tsipras has been in the limelight of global media-granted for the wrong reasons- over the past 6 months. To his mother Aristi Tsipras he is still her ‘boy’. In an interview to Greek newspaper ‘Parapolitika’, Tsipras’s 73-year-old mom shares her concerns about the wellbeing of her son. She worries about his health. “He hasn’t been eating or sleeping well lately”, she says. “I haven’t slept for 3 days now. I am always thinking about Alexis and worry he is under too much pressure”, she says.

“All the country’s burden has fallen on his shoulders”, she continues. She complains about him not finding time to see her but understands. “He hasn’t even had time to see his own children, let alone me”, she says. Finally, she wishes her on had never become Prime Minister, if she knew he would have to endure so much pressure.