Algerians and Syrians attack Chinese outside restaurant (video-photo)

One of the men sustained serious head injuries

A group of Algerian and Syrian youths attacked Chinese businessmen outside a restaurant in Thessaloniki on Sunday evening.
According to, the group of young Arabs and Middle Easterners tried to steal the mobile phones and money from the Chinese, who resisted leading to a physical confrontation.
As the report says, the group of Arab-speaking attackers used crowbars they found from a nearby construction site at the subway, daggers, and other sharp objects.

One of the Asians sustained serious head injuries after he received fierce blows with a crowbar.
According to sources, the incident lasted for several minutes, until police arrived on the scene, arresting five of the attackers.
Five Chinese people were transferred to the hospital, with one of them carrying serious injuries.

The Chinese community in Thessaloniki, which is the largest in Greece, is aware of the incident, as some entrepreneurs in the area have fallen victims to attacks and theft either in their shops or on the street.