Amphipolis: Neither Roman nor plundered

Lead archaeologist K. Peristeri believes that if the tomb had been plundered, then the tomb raiders’ bones are still inside

Archaeologist Katerina Peristeri, head of the excavation at the ancient tomb of Amphipolis, made statements to the media on Thursday refuting that the tomb is Roman and rejecting scenarios that it had been plundered in the past.

She said:

“The Tomb is Macedonian. We have all the proof for that. It’s futile for some people to say that it is Roman. I feel indignation against some colleagues of mine that speak to the TV channels, just for 5 minutes on prime time TV without knowing anything about the excavation.”

She put an end to speculation concerning the tomb having been plundered in the past, stating that if that is the case then the bones of the tomb raiders will also be found during the excavation as the safety mechanisms incorporated into the tomb during its design were very secure in protecting the monument.

On Monday, specialists had stated that the tomb needs new methods of support based on measurements using highly specialized instruments that calculate variables such as equilibrium, strength, temperature etc. Ms. Peristeri pointed out that the work at the excavation is also causing archaeologists to explore new excavation methods.

The scientific team has reviewed their initial calculations concerning the entry into the third chamber as access from the top of the diaphragmatic wall is neither practical nor safe as it would require the removal of an additional block to be drilled away.

It was decided to subtract soil from the ionic-styled doorframes, an extremely tedious task that requires care so as not to disturb the equilibrium of the monument.

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