An ancient Dionysian tradition revives every year (PHOTOS)

A tradition that goes back 30 centuries

An uninterrupted ancient tradition was revived in Thessaloniki, Greece again for one more year: the “Koudounaraioi” from Distomo, a group of people costumed as goat-like creatures, that are said to be the harbingers of Spring. The event took place as part of the “Bellroads” event.

The 20-people strong group from Boeotia gave their own tone to the city center with their freewheeling satire and notty rimes, a Dionysian tradition that goes back almost 30 centuries.

The event unites 1500 groups of similar traditions from around Greece and the Balkans, with the bells they carry being the common uniting traditional item.


κουδ 200

κουδ 4000

κουδ 10000

κουδ 20000

κουδ 30000


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