Angelina Jolie with Tsipras (exclusive pics+video)

Not clear whether she will visit Idomeni camp

After the delays and rumours of cancellation, Hollywood super star Angelina Jolie landed in Athens Wednesday in her capacity as UNHR Goodwill Ambassador for refugees. The actress met with Greek PM Alexis Tsipras at the Maximos Hall at 5. The photo op was captured by ‘Proto Thema’ when the famous Jolie shook hands with the Greek head of state. “I am here in Greece to support the efforts of the UNHR and the Greek government to deal with the deteriorating humanitarian crisis’, said Jolie. Earlier upon her arrival Wednesday at 10 in the morning, Jolie visited some of the 4,000 refugees and migrants at the port of Piraeus, as well as the camp at Eleonas. Once she was detected at Piraeus great commotion ensued as she was surrounded by hundreds of refugees and onlookers. It still unknown whether she will visit the refugee camp at Idomeni on the northern borders of Greece and FYROM. A press reports released by the UNHR office says the actress is expected to express her appreciation for the solidarity Greece has shown to the refugees and the asylum seekers that arrived on the shores of the Greek islands.