Antetokounmpo voted captain in East for the All Star Game!

Well done Giannis!


The absolute leader of the NBA’s best team thus far, Giannis Antetokounmpo, has received the most votes from every other player in the East and will be the team’s captain at this year’s All Star Game to be held this year in Charlotte on 15-17 of February.

Of course, he is the first Greek basketball player to do this, while his achievement is indicative of the fact that the rival awe in the West is the leading basketball player of his generation, LeBron James, who is playing this year for the Lakers.

The Bucks leader gathered 4.375.747 votes while Lebron James gathered 4.620.809 votes in the West. However, the Greek international won 269 votes in the players’ vote, with LeBron having only 174, while in the journalists’ section, Adetokunpo had 99 votes and LeBron 78.