Attica fires top news in global media

International outlets cover the devastation the blaze left in its path

The Greek fires that have claimed the lives of 49 people are at the focus of attention for global media outlets.
On the BBC’s website, the fires in Eastern Attica was the leading news under the title “Greece wildfires: At least 20 killed, dozens injured” with a caption, “The government called for international aid as huge fires are raging across the country”.

The online edition of the Guardian used a lead title reading “Greece wildfires: At least 20 dead as residents urged to flee homes” with extensive coverage by international news agencies and its correspondent of the newspaper in Athens.

The Times online also has the Greek fires as its leading news item with the “Greece wildfires: residents flee as uncontrolled forest fires kill 24 in Athens”.

The catastrophic fires are also the leading news topic in the English edition of French site “France24”.

Here are a series of other headlines on the fires:
Spiegel: At least 50 dead

Die Welt: There were also 26 dead bodies. The dead of the fires in Greece already amount to 50

ARD: Fears and other dead people. Dozens of the dead from the fires near Athens

Suddeutsche Zeitung: At least 50 deaths from the fires near Athens

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: There were still 26 dead from the fires, at least 50 so far

Die Zeit: At least 50 dead from the fires near Athens