Baby in Patras saved after deadly “black widow” spider bite

The 10-month-old girl was rushed to the hospital in Patras

A 10-month-old baby was admitted to the ICU of the University Hospital of Patras after a spider bite, with this incident being the second of its kind that doctors in Patras have been called upon to treat in recent days.

According to patrastimes, a “black widow” bit a 10-month-old girl in Amfilochia and the venom caused complications to the baby’s heart rate, intestines and nervous system.

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The little girl was rushed to the paediatric clinic of the University Hospital of Patras, where she was admitted to the ICU to stabilise her condition. Doctors administered the antidote serum to the baby in the early morning after it arrived from Athens.

A few days ago, at the Tritaia Crossroads, another incident was recorded of a “black widow” spider biting a woman who was doing agricultural work in the area.

The woman fainted on the way to the hospital. Finally, she was hospitalised in Agios Andreas Hospital, where she was given the antidote for the spider venom and was discharged after 6 days.