Bare-chested FEMEN protest outside Ukrainian parliament (video)

Arrested by police

Female activist group FEMEN who stage daring nude stunts to get their message across pulled another one of their signature moves when a bare chested member mounted a statue outside the Ukrainian Parliament on Tuesday. The words “School of corruption” were written across her breasts while she was ringing a school bell, protesting what the group perceives as a corrupt Ukrainian parliament. The group is fiercely opposed to the Ukrainian government, levelling accusations of corruption in addition to condemning its stance on abortion and other bills affecting women’s rights in the country. The young woman was arrested by police.
Founded in Ukraine in 2008, the group has become notorious for its protests against governments and religion. FEMEN activists fled Ukraine in 2013, citing fears for their “lives and freedom” after a number of controversial actions, including the cutting down of a wooden Orthodox Christian cross in central Kiev in 2012.