“Boycott stores of the Greek Minority” – Albanian Deputy Tourism Minister

It is not the first time the Albanian government turns against the Ethnic Greek Minority of the country


The Albanian Deputy Minister of Tourism and Environment, Ornela Cuci made a statement that is revealing of the mentality that prevails in the senior administration of the state.

In an interview with “ORA tv” channel on Thursday, the Deputy Minister was asked the rather biased question by the journalist, what should the Albanian tourists who visit southern Albania (the area where the indigenous Ethnic Greek Minority resides, known as Northern Epirus) when they are being addressed in Greek in the various stores.

Mrs. Cuci answer was shockingly provocative for a person in her position, as she answered that they should “boycott the services that are not offered to them in the Albanian language”.

While from a relatively young politician, originally from Argyrokastro where she knows the bilingual character of the region, one would expect her to give a culture lesson to the biased journalist and set a good example, she chose to go towards the opposite direction.

The Greek Minority Organization “Omonia” issued a statement condemning the new manifestation of the government “linguistic racism” that has been going on for the last three decades in Albania as part of the “velvet ethnic cleansing” of the minority.

It should be reminded that contrary to the international law that protects the ethnic minorities, bilingual road-signs in the Greek populated areas have systematically been taken down by the Albanian authorities.

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