Libya plane hijacking: Hijackers surrender. Passengers and crew freed and safe! (Live video)

It is diverted to Malta. They are threatening to blow up the plane!

According to the latest information the hijackers have surrendered to authorities after releasing all 118 passengers of the Afriqiyah Airways. No injuries have been reported.


Almost all hostages have been released following a hijack drama at Malta International Airport.
The Afriqiyah Airways A320 with around 120 people on board landed in Malta after it was hijacked in Libyan airspace.
The plane was on an internal flight from Sebha to Tripoli and diverted by two hijackers in their mid 20s who claimed to have a hand grenade and threatened to blow up the plane.

25 of the 118 passengers ion board the Afriqiyah Airways highjacked plane that landed in Malta have been freed, including a child and all the women. The number of the hijackers still remains unknown. The hijackers are reportedly demanding the release of Muamar Gaddafi’s son from prison.

(13:20′ UPDATE)

Media reports say the hijackers have threatened to blow up the Airbus A320 plane.
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An Libyan Afriqiyah Airways airplane was hijacked and taken to Malta.

There are 118 people onboard.

Malta prime minister Joseph Muscat stated that he had been informed of a “potential hijack situation” involving an internal Libyan flight diverted to Malta.

The plane has landed.

Reports speak of two hijackers on board.











(14:15′ UPDATE)

According to a still unconfirmed information, the hijackers seem to have agreed to let the 111 passangers go (82 males, 28 females and an infant) and keep only the 7 crew members.

The hijackers are armed with hand grenades.