4 dead + 1 injured in Greek army helicopter crash in northwestern Greece (photos-video)

One in critical condition

UPD: Four people have died and one is seriously injured in the UH-1H Greek army helicopter crash in the area of Sarantaporos-Elessona. Sargeant major Vasiliki Plejida was found seriously injured by rescue teams and is being transported to the 424 Military hospital of Thessaloniki for treatement. The 4 dead officers have been identified as: Major-General Ioannis Tzanidakis, Colonel Thomas Adamou, Major Dimosthenis Goulas and του Lieutenant  Konstantinos Chatzis.

UPD: The UH-1H military helicopter has been found according to a statement released by the Army General Staff. “The UH-1H army helicopter (Huey) has been detected in the region of Sarantaporos-Elassona. Rescue means are on the scene. More developments soon”, the statement reads.

A Huey type military helicopter carrying 5 army personnel, has disappeared from the radar in the area of Sarantaporos, in northwestern Greece. The Greek Defence Ministry is on alert. The radar signal of the aircraft was lost initially in the Elassona area near Larissa. Authorities are trying to pinpoint its whereabouts with a Super Puma, an Agusta Bell of the Air Force and a CL-415 fire-fighter aircraft taking place in operations. The Army General Staff issued a statement reading: “We would like to inform that in the morning hours (7.30am) on April 19, 2017 there was a loss of signal and communication with helicopter UH-1H with 5 passengers which was executing the scheduled route from Larissa to Kozani. All necessary actions have been taken. Developments will become public”.



Major General Ioannis Tzanidakis