Berlin terrorist Anis Amir shot dead in Italy!

Interior minister Marco Minniti confirms in on Press Conference! Germans, not sure yet!

Interior minister Minniti says he has thanked the officer who was shot, Christian Movio, on behalf of the entire ministry and entire Italian police force.

He says Italy should be “very proud” of its security.

The incident took place at 3am local time.

Interior minister Minniti: “We have let the German federal prosecutor’s office know. We have told their police force and authorities.

These people in our police force are exceptional.”


(12:24′ UPDATE)

It is confirmed that Amri entered Italy via France.

Many questions arise as to how he went through half the continent, especially through high-alert France, and entered Italy undetected.




(12:29′ UPDATE)

A Press Conference will take place in Germany too.

(12:40′ UPDATE)

A German official says they cannot confirm the death of Amri “because that is up to the Italian authorities”!

The Italians could very well be offended…


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