Political situation in FYROM out of control (photos-video)

Nationalists attack Albanian MP in Parliament

The political situation in the FYROM is out of control after supporters of nationalist party VMRO -DPMNE’s leader Nikola Gruevski stormed the Parliament following the voting of Talat Jaferi, an MP of Albanian origin to the position of President of the country’s national assembly. According to reports masked clad groups have attacked journalists. Some eyewitness accounts say the vice-president of the Socialist-democrat party was punched in the face, while other  MPs of both the social-democrats and the Albanian party were also assaulted. European Commissioner Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Johannes Hahn stated that violence has no place in parliament and that democracy must find its path. There is a large Albanian ethnic minority in FYROM that is represented in the country’s national parliament. FYROM has been unable to form a government since 2016 when former PM Nikola Gruevski stepped down.