BREAKING! Two earthquakes back-to-back hit Thessaloniki, Greece!

Earlier in the morning, another earthquake shook Pylos in southern Peloponnese


A 4.2R earthquake has hit the wider area of Thessaloniki in central Macedonia, Greece.


According to the Geodynamic Institute, an earthquake occurred at 11:21′ and the focal depth is estimated at 5km.


Then, three minutes later, at 11:24, another 3.7R tremor occurred at a focal depth of also 5km.

Earlier in the morning at 08:14′, another earthquake had shaken Pylos in southern Peloponnese.

The earthquake was 5,4R followed by two more, a 3,4R & a 2,4R.



It should be noted that 40 years ago on June 21st 1978, a big earthquake had shaken Thessaloniki, causing a lot of damage to the city and claiming the life of 49 people.